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  1. auntie


  2. Bob Francis

    New Page Rocks and so do you!

  3. Josh

    Awesome job on the redesign Liz!

  4. Tarnna White

    Love the new layout!

  5. Connie Berkley

    Congratulations on your nephew. I look forward to seeing you in Cardiff on 6/28/12
    A thousand smiles and hugs,

  6. RUBEN

    Whaoooo!!! too much fun…I love it the website.

  7. Kerry Kilcrease

    Just a short note to say that I wish I had half the huevo’s that you have girl ! I’m blown away by your awesome pictures. I have been fliipin through them all day and I have to tell you that there some REALLY good pictures that are motivating me to get my lazy a** moving to get back on/in the water. Dont know if you here it enough but you are one amazing lil lady to do the things you are doing. Not only do you sail the damn thing but it appears you do all the work too. WOW ! Keep it up and I hope you do it for many many years to come. Stay safe and I hope that my wife and I run into you someday out on the wild blue yonder. PEACE !

  8. Andrés Alvarado

    Liz: It’s really inspiring to read your adventures. You nomad make us sedentary people to, for and instant, leave our city rutines and escape in our imagination to all those wonderful paradise corners in the world. Thank you, Andrés (Mexico City)

  9. David Huie

    Liz, just stumbled on to you today, I was wondering where you are now. I hope to join your life style again, my wife and I are eager to hit it again. Best of luck to your endevors, and my the lord always be with ya. Capt. Dave Arkansas

  10. David Huie

    Well shit far, I started reading your blog and it’s now 2 hours later. I think you might be a wonderful person and pretty savy! I love your attitude towards our planet and it’s well being, I share the same. I loved the Blue Finn blog, you are right on. I know a lot about the fish. I was an underwater cinematographer for National Geographic and Associate producer for several years. We produced the film “IN PURSUIT OF THE GIANT BLUE FINN”, what a job. I have been in the water with 1000 pounders, up close and personal , they do put the big eye on ya as they swim close enough to whirl you underwater in a comical 360 , down in Amamioshima, Japan research center. They are raising Blue Finn from scratch. Here ‘s one for ya, did you know that the baby fry tuna can only survive by eating the rowe of the Parriot fish for the first few weeks of it’s life! Wooh up I got to go feed my mules. I love ya and dont even know ya. SWELL ON Capt Dave

  11. sam

    I think in a way I’ve been trying to find myself my entire life. And I also think that getting away, getting in touch with myself, and in touch with the earth, is exactly what I need. If you could take the time to email me about how I can do what it is that you are doing it would be greatly appreciated, it would quite literally save my life by starting it

  12. Patrice

    Hello Liz
    sorry I do not speak English. I use the google translator. I speak only French.
    It’s Poema who advised me your blog.
    I loved your photos. They are very beautiful. They travel. They encourage them to go and meet other people.
    good wind

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