1. Dennis Synnes

    Liz, I sent off a check for $500 to you back when you were facing the stern tube problem. I was in Afghanistan at the time, working, and the check in its envelope was returned to me a number of months later after going around the world a couple of times. Now I’m back home recovering from injuries from Afghanistan but wondering if you’ve gotten your wind vane repaired ? Need to have a certain part sent over ?
    Thank you ever so much for sharing your life with us through your blog site. I check for updates a couple of times a week and I know just how inspiring and energizing it is to read of your travels and philosophical meanderings about life and the people you meet. Many thanks again, Dennis.

  2. tom vertrees

    2 am and still reading liz clark travel blogs.
    your #1 fan
    what an amazing woman!
    I hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day.
    I also follow kepa acero,s journey for surf and cultural experiences
    thank you for the great book leads
    and for letting all of us live through your stories

  3. Dennis Synnes


    as soon as I saw this video I thought of you. If you can get a fast enough connection to watch videos it’ll amaze you. A possible solution to all of the plastic the world had been accumulating all these years !

    Wish I could help out with the scraping and sanding of your decks. My own old teak decks keep me busy enough as it is.

    Stay safe and thanks again for your wonderful Blog !

    Dennis, of Reislyst

  4. Dennis Synnes

    . . . sorry, forgot the link:


  5. Abby

    WOW. This blog is amazing, so inspiring! This is exactly what I would love to do my self! Really cool what she is doing… keep up the good work!

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