We can't appreciate one thing without knowing it's opposite...strong winds and an unprotected anchorage made for really appreciating safety and sunshine!


A limerick or poem to describe three days of an unexpected storm front while at anchor…


there once was a captain named Lizzy

her hair turned greasy and frizzy

she couldn’t wash it

cause the boat rocked and tossed it

so now she’s both stinky and dizzy…



Wind has swung an to unpredicted South

25 knots and 35 miles of fetch

make for a wild ride here at anchor

Nothing to do but hang on!

Nothing to do but lie here…

Then go check the anchor ropes for chafe.

The clouds come roaring by

Gray and mean and angry

The rain stings

But the second anchor’s out

Go below and dry off

Read another book

Kinda nauseous, nervous

I’ll just lay here and stare up…

The food hammock swings and swings and swings

The walnuts are getting walloped

Bounce, roll, flop, jump

Creek, moan, thud, eeerk

48 hours and counting…

You tired yet, Wind?

Howl, howl, whistle…

Nature’s voice

Find the beauty

it won’t last forever

Patience, practice patience…

a time for everything.