Rock, rock, rock, and roll…


We can't appreciate one thing without knowing it's opposite...strong winds and an unprotected anchorage made for really appreciating safety and sunshine!


A limerick or poem to describe three days of an unexpected storm front while at anchor…


there once was a captain named Lizzy

her hair turned greasy and frizzy

she couldn’t wash it

cause the boat rocked and tossed it

so now she’s both stinky and dizzy…



Wind has swung an to unpredicted South

25 knots and 35 miles of fetch

make for a wild ride here at anchor

Nothing to do but hang on!

Nothing to do but lie here…

Then go check the anchor ropes for chafe.

The clouds come roaring by

Gray and mean and angry

The rain stings

But the second anchor’s out

Go below and dry off

Read another book

Kinda nauseous, nervous

I’ll just lay here and stare up…

The food hammock swings and swings and swings

The walnuts are getting walloped

Bounce, roll, flop, jump

Creek, moan, thud, eeerk

48 hours and counting…

You tired yet, Wind?

Howl, howl, whistle…

Nature’s voice

Find the beauty

it won’t last forever

Patience, practice patience…

a time for everything.





30 Years…Young?

Had to get away from boats for a few days!

I don't feel that many??

From a deep sleep, through and through

I woke on my boat surrounded by blue!

Ripe papaya, a paddle at my favorite wave

The ocean kindly gave and gave

Then a pack on my back, friend beside

found a trail to the top where sacred flowers reside

Not screwdrivers, sandpaper, paint or fiberglass,

Just wild orchids, butterflies, guava berries, and dew in the grass

To the top we wander, nibbling away

Purple lips, foothold slips, and a rainbow display

Looking down, looking out, so high and so clear

What a glorious start to my 30th year

Wrong turn becomes right, cascading water in sight!

A flat patch of terre, stunning views and cool air!

Looking west, the best…

But look east, my eyes feast

A waterfall shower fit for a queen, on this ridgetop plateau covered in green

pandanus-leaf pillow,  crackling fire

and a few squares of chocolate are all I desire

Full Moon joins the party! Unparalleled gift.

Gratitude, Gratitude! Feel it uplift!

Ahhhhhhh, nature...soothes and restores!

Ode to the Boatyard

Accept, and find Beauty. find Beauty, and love Now. love Now, and know Peace.

Swell was finally set afloat, leak-free!!, by my crew of boatyard friends, ending an era I won’t soon forget. 11 months in total spent there since August of 2008!? In the wake of my sea freedom, I got inspired to write a poem about the place that brought me so many character-building experiences and life-long friends:

Ode to the Boatyard

Toxic pimple on the face of Paradise,

rankled obnoxious yellow.

Dreams sail in from here and afar, a bit worn,

to be plucked from Sea.

Stacked still,

neat sailboat rows.

Lundi to Vendredi, Seven thirty,

On cue, Symphony commences:

Sanding, grinding, painting, glassing, soldering, patching, sawing, spraying

The tractor growls awake, Jacques always humbly focused.

Trades tickle the passing clouds.

Captains’ brows furrow,

And the green mountain bathes in passing rains.

Sweat beads,

Chickens cluck and scratch.

Arms ache,

Dragonflies inspect morning puddles.

Hammer, tap tap taps rusty steel cradles, Wil pounds away his troubles.

Ants find purpose among scattered debris:

Hardened brushes,

used masking tape wads,

stiff paint rollers,

discarded zincs,

yellowed latex gloves,

scraps of sandpaper and candy wrappers,

peppering pebbles and mud.

Powersander whines, Taputu–Marquesan Camel–operates in measured strokes across another faded hull, unabated by fatigue.

Tiare flowers casually open to this day.

Crescent wrenches ping and tink in Thierry’s bumbling wheelbarrow,

Angelfish flirt and twirl and flounce in his shadow below sagging dock slats.

Midday burns.

Heat stifles.

Gastric Intermezzo, one fleeting hour.

Skin cringes, eyes squint from Shade to patch of precious Shade.

Stray dogs wander in off the streets,

Yellow’s eyes haunted of hunger, ambivalence is his lumber.

Big brown Mami wheels in on the lunch truck, Bon appetite! Tama’a Maitai!

Break baguette,

calories, just calories to get me through this day…

Inaudible clock strikes, the secretary pulls one last heavy drag,

Flicks the butts.

Invisible magnet pulls her back to that seat in the office,

Feigns friendliness behind the glow of Computer Screen through an afternoon storm of clients.

Rats await darkness in the loft above.

Ariel quacks orders and waddles among the cloaked, masked resin rollers,

Silly as an angry duck.

Geckos giggle down from the rafters,

While Roots sip H20 from amongst spilled acetone, foul dust, septic stew.

Yachties climb and descend steel ladders,

Urgently paced and prodded.

Here Only to go There.

Splattered with paint, battered hands, sweat-matted hair, tired backs.
Tasks in perennial bloom.

Local teen lovers crouch in contented silence between abandoned hulls.

Dirty Rags wear tales of tasks completed.

Old Boat Batteries gather near Used Oil Tank,

discussing former voyaging days in the shade of Corrosol Tree.

Weeds push out from under abandoned sea veterans:

Stack of Smashed Rudders,

snaking links of Rusty Chain,

Tired Steel Cables,

lay silent in retirement.

Four thirty,

Tools cleaned and laid to rest,

tall garage door squeals closed.

The Kids appear,

barefoot, grinning, loose,

Mischief abounds.

Afternoon sun melts their boatyard playground buttery gold.

Fishermen wander to the Jetty.

Do those grime-caked feet belong to me?

Sweat cools in Evening breeze,

Sky ripens,

Sweet mango orange.

Accept, and find Beauty.

find Beauty, and love Now.

love Now,

and know Peace.