Testing out Yvon Chouinard's idea of eating lower on the food chain: Freshly caught anchovy sandwich out at the Islands!

I have decided to put my ‘book project’ on hold for a variety of reasons…I won’t go into them now, but basically I realized that the time isn’t right. My heart wants my focus elsewhere! I want to live more in the moment, figure out more immediate ways of making positive environmental impacts, and put energy into my body and mind and health…After the tumultuous few weeks that surrounded this decision, I needed some sea immersion.

I took off for a week to float around California’s offshore islands and felt MUCH better–fully re-inspired by the relief that comes with following your heart and being in the soothing company of open sea and open sky, empty land and empty waves. Yay! I brought my revived joy for life back to the mainland only to be reminded that my reality is completely shaped by my outlook. Feeling happier, I noticed and attracted happy people all around me: the checker at the grocery store, the stranger walking down the street, the bank teller, and the old man checking the waves. As soon as I went with my heart, a surge of positive energy followed me…The difference was obvious…

Close to my heart: natural California island bliss