A batch of yogurt ready to go in the fridge...


It’s so easy!


You need…

-1 cup/serving of your favorite store-bought yogurt

-½ gallon (2L) milk

-Glass jars or preferred storage container(s)


Here’s what you do…

Since powdered milk is all that’s usually available where I am, I make ½ gallon of milk using hot water and then wait until it cools to just warmer than tepid. If you are using real milk, let the milk warm to room temperature or a little warmer (put it in a sunny corner of the room).


Next, stir in the serving of your favorite yogurt. Stir well until it’s all one consistency.


Pour into jars/container.


Set them in a warm, sunny area for 4-5 hours or until liquid takes on a yogurt consistency. I cover my jars in a black t-shirt to attract and trap heat. If it’s not sunny or otherwise, I light the pilot in my gas oven and put the jars inside. It just needs to be warm enough for the yogurt bacterium to do their thing…Maybe on top of the refrigerator where it’s slightly warm, near the heater vent, etc.


Come back in a few hours and you have yogurt! Now you can put it in the fridge like usual. Add fresh fruit or jam. Eat with granola or honey…so good, nutritious, and uses less plastic!


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