this galley girl has learned to love eating with awareness…


I deeply apologize for my lack of blog love lately! In the wake of the speaking tour it has been busy busy busy, another sprained ankle, a marathon of couch surfing, some shuffling through my storage unit, and sorting out my next adventure– book writing! It’s finally that time. I feel like I have a message and story to share beyond blogging and want to process and produce out of the seven years I’ve spent voyaging before setting off again! So I’m trying to figure out the Where and How associated with this kind of process….If anyone can offer up simple, inexpensive lodging for a few months to help me get started–allowing for solitude, surf, and proximity to nature–please get in touch!

In the meantime, I’ve been sorting through GoPro footage and cleaning up the website. I will be adding a few pages under the new ‘Inspiration’ tab on the home page, too…Check out the page about ‘Conscious Eating‘ that I just finished…it’s full of recipes and tips about eating with awareness. Please feel free to add to this page via ‘Comments’!

Thank you for your patience…more island stories to come as well. I still haven’t blogged about the centipede in the night, the broken windlass, weaving palm frond hats, horseback-riding in Thor and Liv Heyerdahl’s footsteps, nor hauling 500 lbs of Marquesan fruit to the fruitless atoll of Puka Puka…hang tight! xoxo


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